How to add a YouTube Stream Key

The first time you shoot, you'll need to add your YouTube Stream URL. You'll just do this once.
To do this, you'll simply cut and paste together 2 links from YouTube into your Otter page.
To get started, open Otter in one browser tab or window, and open YouTube in another.

Step 1: Navigate to YouTube Studio


After you login to YouTube, look for the camera+ icon in the upper right side of the screen (1). Click the icon to open "Add video" menu and click on the "Go Live" link (2).

Step 2: Find your stream key


You should now be on the YouTube Studio page. Make sure the "Stream" tab is selected (3).  Enter the information in the "New Stream" field (4) and click "Create Stream". 


Copy and paste the 1st part:
Once your stream is created, you will need to copy your Stream URL (5) and paste it into the "Link YouTube" field on your Otter Create Shoot page (7).


Copy and paste the 2nd part:
After pasting the Stream URL, you will need to add the Stream Key from YouTube (6) to the end of the Stream URL you just added to the Otter Link YouTube form field.

Note: Your full Stream URL plus your Stream Key should look like the example below (8).


Step 3: Finish creating your shoot

Once the rest of your shoot information is entered in the Create Shoot page, click "Create Shoot" to finish setting up the shoot.

PRO TIP: Keep the YouTube tab/window open to preview and monitor your stream.