Getting Started with Otter Director

Login or create an account


Create a shoot

Enter your shoot information, and connect your streaming channels if you haven't already done so.

Download the apps

Download the free Otter Camera™ app onto the iPads and iPhones you'll use for filming.


Login to your Otter Director™ account. Need to direct on a tablet? Get Otter Director™ for iPad.


Invite your cameras & check feeds

Invite cameras running the Otter Director camera app, using the Otter Director shoot set up screen.

Click on "Start Directing" to see all your camera feeds.


Set up your shots

On the Otter Director shoot screen, get your cameras in place and test your audio before going live.

ACTION! Go live!

Once everything is in place and you're ready to roll, click "Start Streaming" to broadcast your shoot to your preferred channels.

If you're shooting a video to edit and post later, stream to a private channel that only you can see.

When your shoot is over, click "End Shoot" to stop your stream and archive your captured footage.